New Application and Development of Upward Oxygen Free Copper Rod in the Field of Cable Manufacturing

Up-casting Oxygen-free Copper Rod, Namely, the upward-drawn oxygen-free copper rod, is a type of oxygen-free copper material produced through a specific process. The upward drawing method oxygen-free copper rod continuous casting unit is used to produce bright length oxygen-free copper rods, oxygen-free copper pipes, and oxygen-free copper flat billet profiles. Upward-drawn oxygen-free copper rods are widely used in fields such as wire and cable, electronic components, and motor manufacturing due to their excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Up-casting Oxygen-free Copper Rod

With the continuous development of the cable industry, the requirements for cable materials are also increasing. As one of the important raw materials for cable manufacturing, up-casting oxygen-free copper rods have attracted widespread attention in the industry due to their excellent conductivity and stability.An upward-drawn oxygen-free copper rod is an oxygen-free copper material produced by an upward-drawn continuous casting process, which has the characteristics of high purity, good conductivity, and strong corrosion resistance. These advantages make up drawn oxygen-free copper rods that have broad application prospects in the field of cable manufacturing.

Power cables: Power cables are an important component of the power system and require extremely high conductivity and stability of cable materials. As the main conductor material of power cables, oxygen-free copper rods can meet stable transmission requirements under high voltage and high currents.

Communication cables: In the field of communication, the transmission performance of cables has a significant impact on communication quality. Due to its excellent conductivity, the upward-drawn oxygen-free copper rod can effectively ensure the transmission quality and stability of communication cables.

Special cables: For cables in special environments such as high temperature, high voltage, and corrosion resistance, the use of oxygen-free copper rods can also demonstrate their excellent performance and meet the manufacturing needs of special cables.

With the continuous development of the cable industry, the demand for upstream oxygen-free copper rods will continue to grow. Meanwhile, with the continuous advancement of technology, the production process and performance of oxygen-free copper rods will be further improved, bringing more innovation and development to the field of cable manufacturing.As an important raw material in the field of cable manufacturing, oxygen-free copper rods have broad application prospects. In the future, with the continuous development of the cable industry, oxygen-free copper rods will play an important role in more fields.


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