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The resistivity of The resistivity is small and easy to process, and the conduction is balanced across all frequencies.Stranded Copper Wire/Braided Wire is small and easy to process, and the conduction is balanced across all frequencies.

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Stranded Copper Wire/Braided Wire Overview

Stranded Copper Wire/Braided Wire: Wire made of copper material.

Tinned copper stranded wire: Tinned copper stranded wire is corrosion-resistant and can be processed into water-cooled cables.

Copper braided wire: Copper braided wire is used as a conductor. After special treatment, it is made into a soft connection and soft grounding. It has high conductivity and strong fatigue resistance. It can be safely produced according to customer requirements; it is mainly used for high and low voltage electrical appliances and vacuum electrical appliances. Mine explosion-proof switches and soft connections for automobiles, locomotives and related products are used for non-horizontal live movement and soft connections such as medium and low voltage circuit breakers.

Stranded Copper Wire/Braided Wire Feature

The resistivity is small and easy to process, and the conduction is balanced across all frequencies.

Stranded Copper Wire/Braided Wire Application

Aerospace field: Copper stranded wire/braided wire is often used as leads, grounding wires and protective covers due to its good electrical conductivity, good high-temperature performance, good flame retardancy, and strong radiation resistance to ensure the electrical system of aircraft normal operation while improving flight safety.

Electronic and electrical fields: In electronic and electrical equipment, copper stranded wires/braided wires are widely used as shielding wires to reduce electromagnetic interference and improve equipment performance. At the same time, it is also used as a ground wire to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Construction field: In the construction industry, copper stranded wire/braided wire is often used in the installation of electrical systems, such as the power distribution of electrical equipment such as air conditioners, lighting, sockets, and the general power distribution system of buildings. Its characteristics such as high conductivity, low impedance, and good corrosion resistance can ensure the stability and reliability of the power system.

Communication field: Copper stranded wire/braided wire is also widely used in the communication field, mainly used for the connection of telephone, network, fax and other communication equipment. Its conductive properties are stable, signal transmission quality is high, and cost is low, making it an economical and effective means of transmitting signals.


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Payment Methods of Stranded Copper Wire/Braided Wire

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

Shipment of Stranded Copper Wire/Braided Wire

It could be shipped by sea, by air, or by reveal ASAP as soon as repayment receipt.


What are the advantages of copper stranded/braided wire over solid wire?

Answer: Compared with single wire, copper stranded wire/braided wire has better flexibility, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. They can better adapt to complex wiring environments and improve the reliability and stability of connections.

How conductive are stranded/braided copper wires?

Answer: Copper stranded wires/braided wires have excellent conductive properties because they are twisted from multiple copper wires, which increases the current transmission area, reduces resistance, and improves conductive efficiency.

What are the applications of copper stranded wire/braided wire in the communication field?

Answer: In the field of communications, copper stranded wires/braided wires are often used for the transmission of communication lines such as telephone lines and network lines. They can transmit signals stably and ensure communication quality.

How to choose the appropriate copper stranded wire/braided wire specification?

Answer: Choosing appropriate copper stranded wire/braided wire specifications requires consideration of current capacity, voltage level, usage environment and other factors. Usually, the appropriate conductor cross-sectional area and stranded structure are selected based on the needs of the specific application scenario.

What are the precautions for installation and maintenance of copper stranded wire/braided wire?

Answer: During installation, ensure that the stranded wires are firmly connected and in good contact, and avoid excessive bending or stretching. During maintenance, check the connection status regularly and replace damaged stranded wires in time to maintain good conductive properties.

How corrosion resistant is stranded/braided copper wire?

Answer: Copper stranded wire/braided wire has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but in harsh environments, such as moisture, corrosive gases, etc., additional protective measures may be required, such as coating with insulation or using anti-corrosion materials.

What factors affect the price of copper stranded wire/braided wire?

Answer: The price of copper stranded wire/braided wire is affected by many factors such as copper price, production process, specifications and sizes, and market demand. Fluctuations in copper prices have a greater impact on stranded wire prices.

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