Copper Rod

B505 B13 B62 C11600 C93200 C10700 C10500 H70 H80 H90 Stretch Iron White Copper Rod Hard State Red Copper Brass Bar

White copper rod is a copper alloy with nickel as the main alloy. There are five categories of cupronickel rods: ordinary cupronickel rods, iron cupronickel rods, manganese cupronickel rods, zinc cupronickel rods and aluminum cupronickel rods.

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White Copper Rod Overview

White copper rod is a copper alloy with nickel as the main alloy. There are five categories of cupronickel rods: ordinary cupronickel rods, iron cupronickel rods, manganese cupronickel rods, zinc cupronickel rods and aluminum cupronickel rods.

White Copper Rod Feature

It has good corrosion resistance, medium strength and high plasticity, can be processed by hot and cold pressure, and has good electrical properties. In addition to being used as structural materials, it is also an important high resistance and thermocouple alloy.

White Copper Rod Specification

Alloy Grade Cross-sectional shape Section annotation Status Section size Length Guideline
BFe30-1-1 (C71500) Round Diameter R φ40~120 500~5000 GB13808-92
M Y φ25~50 500~5000 GB4423-92
Square Hexagon Inscribed circle diameter M Y φ25~50 500~5000 GB4423-92
BFe10-1-1 (C70600) Round Diameter R φ40~120 500~5000 Agreement production
BZn15-24-1.5 Round Diameter T φ7.3~14.2 1800~2700 Corporate standards
*Non-standard range products can be negotiated


White Copper Rod Application

Electrical field: Due to its excellent conductive properties, copper rods are an ideal connecting material for electrical equipment such as wires, cables, motors, transformers, and generators. In addition, copper rods also play an important role in electronic devices and communication equipment.

Metallurgical and mechanical fields: Copper rods are often used to manufacture copper alloys, aluminum alloys, etc., and can be used in various parts with high mechanical performance requirements, such as gears, bearings, screws, etc. At the same time, due to its good mechanical properties and resistance to high temperature and high pressure, copper rods are also widely used in manufacturing pressure vessels, forging dies, etc.

Construction field: Copper rods are used in the construction industry to make interior decorations, roof and facade materials, and some construction metal components. Its beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistance make copper rods widely used in the construction field.

Chemical industry: Copper rods have good corrosion resistance to many chemical media, so they are widely used in the manufacture of chemical equipment, reactors, heat exchangers and transportation pipelines.

Aerospace and medical equipment fields: Copper rods are used in the manufacturing of aerospace fields, especially for connectors and cables in aircraft and rockets. In medical equipment, copper rods also have certain applications.

Company Profile

Copper Channel is a trusted global chemical material supplier & manufacturer with over 12-year-experience in providing super high-quality copper and relatives products.

The company has a professional technical department and Quality Supervision Department, a well-equipped laboratory, and equipped with advanced testing equipment and after-sales customer service center.
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Payment Methods of White Copper Rod

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

Shipment of White Copper Rod

It could be shipped by sea, by air, or by reveal ASAP as soon as repayment receipt.


How to process copper rod?

Answer: Copper rods can be processed through forging, rolling, drawing and other processes. During processing, attention needs to be paid to temperature and speed control to avoid deformation or cracking of the copper rod.

What problems may occur during use of copper rods?

Answer: The copper rod may break, deform, oxidize and other problems during use. This is usually related to factors such as processing technology, use environment, and material quality.

How to choose the appropriate copper rod specifications?

Answer: Choosing appropriate copper rod specifications requires considering factors such as usage scenarios, mechanical properties, and electrical conductivity properties. It is recommended to consult professionals or consult relevant standards based on specific needs.

What should we pay attention to during the installation and use of copper rods?

Answer: When installing and using copper rods, you need to keep their surfaces clean and avoid scratches or impacts. At the same time, ensure that the connections are tight and reliable to prevent loosening or leakage.

What factors affect the price of copper rods?

Answer: The price of copper rods is affected by many factors such as raw material prices, processing techniques, and market demand. Generally speaking, the price of high-purity and high-precision copper rods is relatively high.

How to maintain and maintain copper rods during use?

Answer: During use of copper rods, the connections should be regularly checked for looseness or corrosion, and the seals should be tightened or replaced in time. At the same time, keep its surface clean and dry to avoid long-term exposure to moisture or corrosive environments.

What are the advantages of copper rods compared to other metal materials?

Answer: Compared with other metal materials, copper rods have excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. In addition, copper rods also have good processing performance and plasticity, and can meet the processing needs of various complex shapes and precision.

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