Copper surface treatment process

The surface treatment process of copper materials can be divided into two types: physical treatment and chemical treatment.

1) Antique: Through some special processing techniques, copper products can show an antique effect and have a certain decorative effect. This technique is suitable for some antique-style interior designs. Common treatment processes include grinding, heating, chemical treatment, etc. Through these processes, color differences, rust spots, cracks, and other effects appear on the surface of copper products, which increases the artistic value and ornamental value of copper products.

2) Anti-oxidation: Copper is easily oxidized in humid air and produces an oxide layer, which affects the appearance of copper products. Therefore, anti-oxidation is an important surface treatment process for copper products. Common anti-oxidation processes include surface spraying of varnish, electrophoretic coating, chemical anti-oxidation treatment, etc. These treatment processes can protect the surface of copper products from the oxidation effects of humid air and extend the service life of copper products.

3) Sandblasting: Sandblasting is a process for surface treatment of copper products by spraying granular materials such as quartz sand at high speed. Through sandblasting, uniform granular textures can appear on the surface of copper products, which increases the beauty and texture of copper products. The sandblasting process can also control the size and density of sand particles to achieve different effects, such as roughness, smoothness, delicateness, etc., to meet different interior design needs.

4) Etching: Etching involves locally corroding the surface of copper through chemical methods to form a certain pattern or text. This processing method can be used to make bronze medals, copper seals, etc.

5) Scratching: Scratching is the process of processing the copper surface in multiple directions through mechanical methods to form a ragged texture. This treatment method can give the copper surface a unique visual effect, increasing its beauty and texture.


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