Analysis of the application fields of B25 white copper plate

B25 white copper is an important copper alloy material with a wide range of applications and important economic value. With its special physical and chemical properties, it plays an irreplaceable role in electrical, construction, decoration, art, and other fields. This article will introduce and analyze B25 cupronickel in detail, covering its composition, properties, application fields, and future development trends.

B25 white copper composition

Chemical composition:

Nickel+Cobalt Ni+Co: 24.0-26.0

Iron Fe: 0.5

Manganese Mn: 0.5

ZincZn: 0.3

Silicon Si: 0.15

Magnesium Mg: 0.05

Lead Pb: 0.001

Sulfur S: 0.01

Carbon C: 0.05

Phosphorus P: 0.01

Copper Cu: Balance

Impurities: 1.8

Tin Sn: 0.03

B25 white copper is a copper-zinc alloy in which the copper content is about 70% and the zinc content is about 30%. In addition to copper and zinc, B25 white copper may also contain small amounts of other elements, such as aluminum, nickel, iron, etc., to improve its performance and stability. The content of these elements is usually very low, but their presence has an important impact on the performance of B25 cupronickel.

Properties of B25 white copper

B25 white copper has many unique physical and chemical properties that make it a great material. First of all, B25 white copper has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, which makes it applied in the electrical field. Secondly, B25 white copper has high strength and hardness, as well as good flexibility and plasticity, which gives it great advantages in manufacturing various parts and decorations. In addition, B25 white copper also has great corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and can keep its performance and appearance in harsh environments. 

Application fields of B25 white copper

1. Electrical field: B25 white copper can be used to manufacture electrical components such as wires, cables, connectors, and switches to ensure the transmission and distribution of current.

2. Construction field: B25 white copper has high strength and hardness, as well as good ductility and plasticity, so it is also widely used in the construction field. It can be used to manufacture building materials such as doors, windows, pipes, and decorative panels, providing beautiful and practical functions for buildings.

3. Decoration field: B25 white copper has a beautiful and elegant appearance and good corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in the decoration field. It can be used to make various decorations, such as sculptures, ornaments, commemorative coins, etc., adding color and beauty to people’s lives.

4. Art field: The artistic value of B25 white copper is also very high. It can be carved into various exquisite works of art, such as murals, reliefs, bronze statues, etc. These artworks not only have ornamental value, but also have historical and cultural value and are an important part of cultural heritage.


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